FSH Maglocks – Electro Magnetic Locks

Electro Magnetic Locks are locking devices that consists of an electromagnetic core (constructed of a laminated steel-core surrounded with hundreds of turns of copper wire) and an armature plate (carbon free steel plate).

By attaching the electromagnet to the door frame and the armature plate to the door, a current passing through the electromagnet attracts the armature plate, holding the door locked. Electro Magnetic Locks have no interconnecting mechanical parts and therefore require constant power.
FSH Electro Magnetic Locks are of highest quality and come with a Lifetime Warranty.


LIGHT PANEL (LP) – is the external long distance visibility indicator panel (colour change, red/green/off),visible from both the rear and side of the Electro Magnetic Lock, indicating the status, insecure/secure or power-off..

LOCK STATUS SENSOR (LSS)  – is the monitoring by either hall effect or reed switch (flush mount magnetic locks) of the correct alignment and locking of the armature plate with the magnetic lock face. This facilitates the Light Panel (LP) change over, red/green/off indication, at the same time providing change over switching of a 24V DC/1A (max) dry contact relay for remote alarm indication.

DOOR STATUS SENSOR (DSS)  – s the monitoring of the door position by reed switch within the magnetic lock body (door open/door closed), providing switching of normally open dry contacts for remote alarm indication..

ANTI TAMPER PLATE  – A unique Anti-Tamper-Plate prevents hostile attacks on the fixing bolt (dome-nut) of the armature plate. Anti-Tamper Plates are supplied with all monitored EML.