FSH Electric Strike Locks

An Electric Strike is an access control device used to lock and release doors. Electric Strikes are installed inor on the door frame and work in conjunction with mechanical door locks, on the principle of electronically controlling the rotation of the keeper. Allowing for door opening without manual retraction of the mechanical door lock. Electric Strikes generally come in two basic field-selectable configurations:

Power To Release (PTR) – In this configuration, applying power to the strike will cause it to unlock. The strike will remain locked in a power failure. However most access control systems are provided with backup batteries.

Power To Lock (PTL) – In this configuration, applying power to the strike will cause it to lock. If there is a power failure or fire alarm condition the door will open merely by being pushed/pulled.


The patented FES10/10M ANSl footprint electric strikes are site interchangeable to operate either as Power To Lock (P.T.L) or Power To Release (P.T.R) through reversing the positioning of the “Barbell” inside the strike’s housing, simply unscrew the springscrew cap, remove the “Barbell”, reverse it and re-fix the springscrew cap. The FES10/10M can be linked to any fire alarm or access control system. It is suitable for all types of wooden, steel, PVC, aluminium or stainless door frames. The FES10/10M also have the added advantage of being dual voltage devices, 12VDC or 24VDC, simply selected by installing the appropriate connector plug supplied with the strikes. The FES10/10M are supplied pre-drilled for extension lips, and come with a 5 year warranty.

Independently tested, the FES10/10M Series electric strikes are the strongest of their category.


The ES110 is a cost efficient robust electric strike with a solid construction of one-piece cast aluminium body and stainless steel striker. Having a deeper than normal strike-keeper area, ES110 is designed to work with an extensive range of locks and offers the same level of security and reliability usually provided by more expensive electric locking solutions.

Extension lips are available to accommodate the installation of electric strikes on door frames with different thickness. The ES110 product range of patented electric strikes are suitable for use with all access control installations where flexibility, security and lower cost are required.


ES150 is a surface mounted electric strike suitable for use with rim or surface type dead latches. This strike is easy to install and can be simply controlled by a keypad, keyswitch or integrated into any access control system.

ES150 offers high levels of security and features usually provided by more expensive electric locking solutions. The electric strike can be easily installed on steel and wooden door frames. A Weather resistant version is also available for exterior applications.